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The link between Michael Gove

10th June 2019

And the London Bridge terror attack


What is the matter with Parliament???

6th March 2019

Why are our MP's all so confused and yet totally intransigent?


Broken Britain  

6th March 2019

In a nutshell, we are in the sh*t! Parliament is falling apart, the economy is about to implode and anarchy prevails on our streets


How to stop the London killings  

23rd Jan 2019

As ever, plod is totally confused - when the solution is right under our noses!


14 year old stabbed in Leyton  

9th Jan 2019

As ever, plod is totally confused and asking for our help again.


Sex, Drugs and....  

11th Aug 2018

GDP, yep Gross Domestic Product. The government adds over £10 billion a year to our GDP based on the illegal drugs and sex industry


The tragedy that is our high street dilemma.

8th Aug 2018

Sadly our high streets and towns are doomed. Apparently our online purchases are already approaching 40% of retail sales in the UK.


Knife crimes against teenage victims doubles

29th Jan 2018

According to London's Met police


What a joke the Autumn Budget was...

27th Nov 2017

Listen guys, the country is broke. We're in the red.There are only two solutions: increase our productivity or cut our costs.


Oh no!!! It just gets worse and worse!!

20th Nov 2017

Is there absolutely no limit to the stupidity of our so-called leaders???


Brexit - how are we gonna do it???

26th Sept 2017


Are we all completely stupid???

26th Sept 2017


Housing shortage??? Any solutions - anybody....

25th Sept 2017


Criminals flooding into Britain

24th Sept 2017

Why are the political 'experts' all so confused by the current spate of electoral upsets?


Our ageing population

1st August 2017

When will the 'experts' realise they've got it wrong - again! In fact, when will the 'experts' get something right?


Brexit cancelled

1st July 2017

I also regret to say, that I believe Brexit is not going to happen. We are all being conned. More

Recession predicted

1st May 2017

I regret to say that I believe we are diving headfirst into another almighty recession. More


26th Feb 2017

Further to my last rant, who should I take legal action against - Mayor Sadiq Khan or the government? more...


21st Feb 2017

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is havin' a laugh - surely???


"Artificial Intelligence"


Yeh right. They haven't invented Artificial Stupidity yet - so I think you'll find the former is a long way off.


23rd November 2016

Why doesn't anything work anymore? more...


22nd July 2016

Is Vodafone helping someone to rob you? more...

MP's cheer the departing PM in the house

13th July 2016

But why do MP's - including Mr Cameron - have to lie so blatantly?? more...

What can we do about ISIS?

25th Nov 2015

I think there is a simple answer      more...

We should be ashamed of ourselves!

22nd Nov 2015


Just three weeks until the election

20th April 2015

And I still can't decide. Why? Because   more...

Are we the last two honest people left in Britain?


23rd March 2015

As ever, listening to the six o'clock news this evening drove me to distraction   more...

Meningitis vaccination scandal

21st March 2015

I was so shocked and appalled to hear the story and see the pictures... more...

Just what is happening to Britain?

16th December 2013

I recently watched a news item which claimed that 85% of supermarket trolleys in this country were made in Germany. more...

PLEB gate

1st October 2013

Remember the PC PLEB T-shirts?  more...

Happy St.George's Day everybody!!!

23rd April 2013

Why isn't it a public holiday???   more...

'PC Britain' and Maggie Thatcher

15 April 2013

Time for a reality check?   more...

You eating horse???

20 Feb 2013

Two minute video blog


            watch it now...  

Wow! Our first video blog!

16 Jan 2013


             watch it now

2012 London Olympics.

12 Aug 2012

Did you take full marketing advantage of the great event?

Nope? Nor did we...      more

The con that made it to Westminster.

12 Jan 2011

The following is a Hansard extract from a Parliamentary speech made a few years ago by Mr. Nigel Griffiths (MP for Edinburgh, South).    more

So what's all this blogging business about then??

11 Oct 2010

My First Blog by Larry Gordon aged 62 and a half...

Yep, that's right. This is my first blog post!

What's happening to me? Why??? Well, a few weeks ago...   more




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