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The M-Press Green Policy  

Like a lot of businesses in this day and age, we have made it our priority to include a green policy at the core of our operations. We understand that working within an industry that has technology at its forefront requires transparency and accountability. Thus, choosing Konica Minolta as our main supplier has proven to be a step in the right direction in terms of our green policy. As a leading manufacturer of office and production print technology, Konica Minolta takes its corporate citizenship very seriously. Protection of the environment is one of the core challenges and essential parts of the company's management philosophy - which KM calls 'The Creation of New Value'. This new value highlights KM's dedication to finding new and innovative ways of caring for the environment. At M-Press we make it our priority to maintain this green theme:


  • 90% of our calls for technical assistance are closed over the phone, which yields a massive saving on car/van pollution! As well as limiting customer 'down-time' to a minimum.
  • We collect and recycle waste toner containers.
  • We recommend print management solutions to our customers and also advise on how to manage office space more efficiently.
  • We promote scanning facilities, which means less paper consumption.
  • KonicaMinolta have developed toner technology to the point where KM machines 'fuse' document images at lower temperatures than most other laser devices - resulting in lower electricity consumption.











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