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The M-Press Story

M-Press itself is now over thirteen years old. We are fortunate enough to have built the business around several hundred happy customers - and no unhappy ones that we know of!

But the ethos within the M-Press team began a long time ago. Both the managing director and the service manager spent many many years working and managing very large dealerships, including in one of the top FTSE 100 companies. In a nutshell, it was at the plc where we learned how not to take good care of customers.

In our experience, the plc is totally focused on it's shareholder dividends. Balance sheets are way more important than customers. You could be forgiven for thinking that many of the senior plc managers don't even really understand what it is that they are selling - be it either a product or a service. And this is why - in our opinion - that so many large companies are in such a muddle.

Meanwhile, here at M-Press, we are dedicated to taking great care of your business. We are quite simply... at your service.








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