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Who are we?   We are a small group of dedicated professionals who love what we do. We have served our time working for major plc's and top 100 companies; sadly we believe that the 'big boys' have had their day. How often are you let down by major suppliers? Can you name a single utility or telecoms provider - or even a bank nowadays - who is trying to do anything other than provide rich pickings for themselves and their shareholders.

Gone are the days when the customer was King... well thankfully not at M-Press! For example, our photocopier/MFD customers enjoy a response-time to their occasional calls for technical assistance of less than three working hours on average! That's the total time from placing the call to the engineer arriving onsite. Having said that, we clear over 90% of fault calls over the phone - because we know what we are doing - therefore minimising your down-time.

When you call us, you talk to real people - not a machine. Plus ... our help line is in this country. Plus ... we know what we are talking about and we will understand your needs. When we install a product, we will show you how to get the best from it. When you place an order with us, we see it as the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship, not the end of a brief encounter.

Why us? Because we care ... The M-Press team has a multitude of skills, but mostly we pride ourselves on delivering quality service. And we listen. M-Press also delivers training courses; at the heart of our sales training is listening - and that is what we are especially good at. We listen very carefully to our prospective customers needs and gain a full understanding of their requirements.

But it doesn't stop there. We get to know our customers. We speak with them regularly. We have an old-fashioned attitude - we deliver both   quality and integrity , giving our customers real peace of mind. It may be a well worn cliché, but at M-Press we mean it!





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